KLPA Disposes of All 7 Counts
Dismissals, Summary Judgments and Directed Verdict in 2024 Case

Jury Trial, February 2024, Miami-Dade County Circuit Court – In a contentious dispute arising out of a mediated settlement agreement regarding collection of delinquent obligations for support and equitable distribution arising out of a New York dissolution of marriage and related Florida enforcement proceedings, Keller Landsberg attorneys David Keller and Maria Vernace secured pre-trial dismissals and summary judgments on six of the seven counts on behalf of their lawyer and law firm clients, including claims of Legal Malpractice, Conspiracy to Commit Fraud, Civil Theft, Unjust Enrichment, Tortious Interference and Third Party Beneficiary Legal Malpractice. The remaining count for Aiding and Abetting Conversion proceeded to trial. After six days of trial, the trial team of David Keller, Maria Vernace, and Dena Sacharow won a directed verdict on the sole remaining count, resulting in a complete victory on behalf of its clients, and entitling the clients to recover substantial attorneys’ fees and costs.